Intellectual Property Lawyer Melbourne

Intellectual property lawyers are trained professionals in legislation and laws which safeguards individuals from illegal theft of intellectual creation. According to a UN agency, “Intellectual property is related to the creative mind, inventions, names, pictures, artifacts, and many other things used for a commercial purpose.”


In terms of law, intellectual property is categorised into two forms:


Copyright and industrial property. All the trademarks, patents, architecture, names, and slogans come under the domain of industrial property. While copyright covers every kind of literary work like poems, novels, dramas and films, musical inventions and so on. Rights identified with copyright incorporate those of performing craftsmen in their exhibitions, makers of the phonograph in their accounts, and those of telecasters in their radio and TV programs.


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law constitutes six sections.


  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Patent Law
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Licensing
  • Unfair Competition

The development of licensed innovation law verifies the manifestations of human idea that element creations that fit the bill for patent security, for example,

  • Literature and creative work like films and dramas
  • Names, slogans, logos, pictures

What Intellectual Property Lawyers Do

The job of Intellectual property lawyer is to provide legal services in all the matters related to intellectual property. As far as industrial property is concerned, you need to hire an intellectual property lawyer to file a lawsuit to defend your property, which could be a patent or trademark, before the property examiner or board or files a licensing agreement.

Furthermore, IP lawyers can help out in matters pertains to intellectual property- where they represent clients before courts and against federal agencies like Trademark offices and U.S Patent and arguing all kinds of IP regulations include, patent law, copyright, trade secret, injustice, and licensing disputes. Some IP lawyers are experts in particular domains intellectual property law: Information technology, engineering, medical, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and Internet business. After completing the law education and passing the bar exam, many IP lawyers pursue specialised fields where they intend to protect the property through IP regulations.

Traits of Good IP Lawyers

Creators definitely have all the right to prepare their own petition, filed and conduct proceedings by themselves. However, since they don’t have the technical and legal knowledge about laws and also lack experience in handling legal matters, they are bound to hire professional IP lawyers to do the task. A professional IP lawyer, will ensure his services to inventor and inform all the technicalities and budgeting of invention. Great IP legal advisers think less about the logical and specialised information associated with your development and progressively about the way toward setting up a patent application and leading procedures with any patent office, which is the reason you would need to procure a protected innovation lawyer familiar with the guidelines and guidelines. Taurus Legal have intellectual property lawyers in Melbourne in case you have a need for one.


According to recent stats, IP lawyer’s average salary range between $150,000 to $175,000 annually, which means they are actually very expensive to hire if someone wants to file a claim against his invention. Since IP legal advisors can be very costly, you should attempt to record a patent alone for your independent venture until the benefits start coming in. You would then be able to procure an IP legal advisor to come in later and confirm the patent on your most recent development.