Lawyers practicing, training in court: how to apply, requirements and activities

Practicing lawyers : starting from today, the training can be carried out at the court office .

In yesterday’s Official Gazette was published the new regulation on the discipline of legal practice at the judicial offices; this provides that from now on the aspiring lawyer will be able to carry out a maximum of 12 months of training at the office of the judge in the district in which he is enrolled. The office can be both ordinary and administrative , accounting and tax courts .

Therefore, while waiting for the closed number to be admitted to the legal profession to be approved , changes have been made to the apprenticeship and from now on the traineeship can also take place at the court office.

Below we provide all the information on how to access the practicing lawyers at the court: requirements , how to present the application and the activities of the internship.

Practiced lawyers in court: requirements

In order to be admitted to traineeships in a judicial office, the aspiring lawyer must meet the following requirements:

  • be registered in the register of practitioners;
  • meet the integrity requirements (article 42-ter second paragraph, letter g);
  • have already completed a training period (article 41, paragraph 7, of law December 31, 2012, No 247).

Furthermore, the decree published in the Official Gazette specifies that each magistrate can not be entrusted with more than 2 practitioners . However, in order to facilitate the training activity, in the last 6 months of practicing the magistrate the magistrate can request the assignment of another aspiring lawyer.

When it is not possible to admit to the traineeship all the practitioners who have applied, priority is given to those who:

  • have a higher grade average than the exams indicated in Article 4, paragraph 3, letter C;
  • have the upper degree score;
  • minor age.

Practical attorneys in court: how to apply

Before you can see how to send the application for apprenticeship to a judicial office, here is a list of the places where you can do the internship:

  • Court of Cassation;
  • power of attorney general at the Court of Cassation;
  • Courts of appeal;
  • general proxies at the Court of Appeal;
  • ordinary courts;
  • offices and surveillance courts;
  • courts for minors;
  • public prosecutor’s offices in the ordinary courts and at the juvenile court;
  • Court of Auditors;
  • general power of attorney at the Court of Auditors;
  • Council of State and regional administrative courts.